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Use but don't pay, Artists say stop

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    I read a story about how Trump would order table cloths napkins, etc. and on delivery not pay. They started asking for those items to carry the Trump casino logo. This allowed them to not pay on delivery and the vendor was screwed because what can you do with it now ? Trump would buy then at pennies on the dollar. Smart ? Dishonest is a better opinion in my book.

    Use don't pay, is the republican parties approach on music as well. They use much music without permission. Many have sued to get them to stop. Look at the politicians in the attached Rolling Stone article. 1 democrat, Mr. Obama, 99% repubs.

    6 have told Trump to stop. It's in his culture to take what he wants without asking or paying. Get used to it 'murica, if this is who you elect it's just a small sample of how all will be taken advantage of for years to come.

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    I don't know why Republicans like to steal music from liberal artists and not pay for it. Maybe they should steal music from the likes of Ted Nugent, e.g. Cat Scratch Fever.

    I make the pussy purr with
    The stroke of my hand
    They know they gettin' it from me
    They know just where to go
    When they need their lovin man
    They know I do it for free

    Read more: Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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    There are currently 6 artists (in the case of L. Pavarotti - his family) who have told the Trump camp to stop taking or using what is not theirs. Many other artists over the last 12 - 16 years who have done the same. Any net benefit ? Well these people won't blast a candidate because they want to sell their music to as many as possible. However, these people are often well connected. They have managers, and a staff. They have record companies, arenas where they play, restaurants, families and friends, legal team, media relation companies. Hopefully their negative thoughts about unauthorized use of their songs will get discussed in a negative light. People talk to people. Hopefully this has an affect to bring attention to this thievery.
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    As if on cue, John Oliver came up with a song begging politicians to stop using songs without the artists consent. It's definitely worth taking a few minutes out of your day to watch.