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    We’ve all seen the movie, and marveled at Marty McFly’s ability to travel forwards and backwards in time in his DeLorean.

    By now, most of us are fed up with politics, but the movie shown above is very relevant in this year’s Presidential race.

    In his closing remarks on Thursday night, Donald Trump referred to “America First”. If you’re as old as I am, and a student of history, the phrase should be very familiar to you.

    Famed aviator Charles Lindbergh eventually achieved a lot of notoriety in the 1930’s and 1940’s due to the fact that he was strongly anti-Semitic, and a supporter of the Nazi cause. He even considered moving to Germany in the mid-1930’s.

    If you read his bio (see below) you’ll notice that he was the spokesman for a group called “America First”, a group that was determined to stay out of “Europe’s war”. After Pearl Harbor happened, he changed his mind, and actively participated in the war effort.

    If you’ve read the 2016 Republican platform , you’ll quickly realize that the extremists in the Republican Party are determined to take our country backgrounds in time, and erase all of the progress our country has made in my lifetime. That progress, incidentally, has been achieved due to the efforts of both political parties.

    At 55 pages, it’s a lengthy read, but I’d recommend at least skimming through it to get a feel of how backwards it really is.

    The first time that I read the 1956 Republican platform, I was struck by the fact that it sounded an awful lot like today's DEMOCRATIC Party.

    Although the pages aren’t numbered, it’s certainly shorter than 55 pages, and is also worth skimming through.

    The 2016 Democratic platform is exactly the same length as the 2016 Repulblican Party platform, but is exactly the opposite when it comes to ideas. To be fair, some of the ideas expressed are due to the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

    Not a lot of people pay attention to party platforms, even though we’d all be better off if they did. The reality, too, is that party platforms are simply an expression of ideas, and don’t become reality until they become law. Since it’s likely that the Republicans will retain the control of the House, not all of these ideas will see the light of day, even if the adults (Democrats) regain control of the Senate, which is actually pretty likely.

    In my lifetime, I have voted for both parties, but I’ll freely admit that voting for George W Bush was a very foolish mistake.

    If you carefully read all three platforms listed above, you’ll come to the realization that the Republican Party no longer exists. Even Ronald Reagan's son has admitted that his father would not recognize the party today.

    83 of the 100 largest population centers in our country are solidly Democratic, which means that it will be virtually impossible for ANY Republican, even one less toxic than Donald Trump, to get elected President. During the 2012 Presidential race, Mitt Romney only captured 14 of those locations, and Donald Trump is guaranteed to take less due to the fact that he has maligned everyone except old white people.

    The Grand Old Party is no longer. It has been replaced by the Gullible Old People due to the fact that they like FOX news, and are older that our country’s median age by a significant amount. Far more Republicans than Democrats have died since the 2012 election, and the GOP is attracting fewer first time voters.

    Sadly, our country’s demographics also mean that the Republicans will have an edge in local and state politics, so we’re going to be a “house divided” for a long time, and Honest Abe wouldn't be happy about that.