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If The Green Party Can't Win, Should They Be Ignored?

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    Second, The green party should make two changes. First change their name to "People" party and second drop all acquiescence to any thing not related to human rights. Then trust in the belief that a good person that puts people first will apply necessary pressure to produce products in a manner looking to the continuity of life on earth and not the end game of profits. I think we are just a snap of the fingers away from making Bernie President. I listen to right wing more than anybofy else to learn their way to success. Rush speaks from his slanted heart, mind and soul. He doesn't need writers or research because he says what is natural for him to say. Bernie is the same way. He never had to read, research and learn to become who he is. He was born that way. He has awakened and introduced a dormant sensibility. His movement will not die and his greatest contribution may be who he has shown you won't be shunned if you oppose selfishness. Brexit is the same thing, People becoming aware of being used. The success of Brexit will be if the champions are humanist. It is just as possible that a faction of support for Brexit simply wants the power and control for themselves, not human rights.