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Democratic Senators Baldwin's and Booker's The Stronger Way Act

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    Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) are leading a bipartisan effort in the Senate to cut taxes on working people and direct the Department of Labor to enact large scale 'transitional' jobs programs in every state.

    They do not appear to be calling for Pay-go funding of their tax cuts and government spending increases, putting them at odds with Deficit Terrorists in both parties.

    Baldwin has pointedly stated, and correctly, that tax cuts for wealthy people didn't have to be paid for. That's because the because the federal government has no financial solvency constraints. It can never run out of dollars to spend and it doesn't tax to get dollars but only to regulate inflation. That's reality. Deal in it.

    The Stronger Way rebuilds the economy the right way from the bottom up. By directly adding jobs and total spending to the economy, implementation of The Stronger Way guarantees economic growth. We cannot not afford to do this.

    If so-called 'conservatives' have a problem with reducing taxes on working people for economic growth and the direct hiring of the unemployed so they don't have to be on welfare, I will eat their 'limited government' credentials for lunch. The Stronger Way supports and promotes our culture of work and personal responsibility. It will both intimate the uninitiated in work, and allow those without the opportunity otherwise to show what they can do for potential private employers. The Stronger Way's 'transitional' jobs program would be the most successful anti-poverty program in our Nation's history.

    Pay-Go is Deficit Terrorism and it self-limits Democratic Party priorities. It should be aggressively rejected by Democrats. I am amazed that the great Sen. Tammy Baldwin has rejected Pay-Go as a priority and focused on the plight of working people first, and hopeful that she sticks to her instincts.

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