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Dem. VP choices

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    It's getting very close to the Democratic convention. Many names are considered to be front runners for the choice of a Vice Presidential selection.

    Many have opinions on who or what might be best. I am curious about both who you think would be best and why.

    Below is an article (now 3) from a few days ago on the topic.

    I saw a republican on MSNBC yesterday that mentioned the Admiral that he thought would be a very good selection as VP.

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    TJ Wrote: Many have opinions on who or what might be best. I am curious about both who you think would be best and why.

    It honestly depends what she's wanting out of her VP. Does she want someone who will excite the base or someone who may not be flashy, but understands how things actually get done in Washington?

    If she wants to ensure that Latino's come out by the millions then I think Labor Secretary Thomas Perez would be a great choice. He isn't as flashy and "exciting" as HUD Secretary Julián Castro, but he has been with President Obama since his first year in office first as United States Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and then as Labor Secretary where he helped push through rules and regulations that were specifically targeted towards helping out the lower and middle classes.

    Another "exciting" prospect would be Senator Elizabeth Warren. She would surely excite the progressive wing of the party, but I honestly think it is a terrible idea. The Vice President is a largely ceremonial position and one that holds as much power as the President wants to give them. That's why I think Clinton should pick Warren as her Secretary of the Treasury should she win in November. Warren would have far (and I mean FAR) more power to shape the economy in her image at the Treasury Department then she ever would as Vice President.

    I actually think that Clinton is going to go for a safe pick though. A Vice Presidential choice gets a few days of media coverage, but in the end people will vote for the person at the top of the ticket.

    So if she were going to go safe then I think Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is the obvious choice. He and Secretary Clinton are closely aligned on all the major policy priorities of the Democratic Party and it doesn't hurt that he speaks fluent Spanish.

    If I were a betting man I would put all of my money on Kaine, but I have found out many times throughout this primary that putting all of your chips somewhere will only come back to bite you later.

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    Yes I think Tim Kaine is the likely choice. The most obvious reason being that she needs someone she knows well and can trust. Much like the Obama-Biden ticket, a Clinton-Kaine ticket would demonstrate good teamwork between the two of them. She will have to delegate to trusted colleagues. Tim Kaine passes that test.

    My personal favorite, however, is Thomas Perez. Whenever I see him speak, I like him. Quick on his feet.

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    Today on social media it was suggested that Bernie Sanders would be a logical VP choice. The reasoning is that ½ of his followers are following Hillary and ½ are looking towards Green or Libertarian party votes.

    I personally don’t care if they want to hand the Repubs the presidency for 4 or god help us 8 years. They can go get Trump tattoos tonight in my opinion right below their never Hillary tattoos.

    Racism and misogyny are alive and breeding in the south. Therefore, I would eliminate Warren immediately. They are in complete disbelief that a black man was elected not once but twice. That followed by a women would blow their minds. The only thing worse than a woman would be two. I have total respect for Warren but as previously said, a cabinet position would be very nice. I think a woman and a white man might still be a workable ticket.

    You want that balance of experience but not being too Washington’ish. Youth (somewhat) and delivering a decent state are important as well. Youth because the presidency ages a person 6 years for every 1 served and in the carry your large guns to the city to buy beer day and age..... nobody knows if hateful violence will continue and thrive. Thus a VP choice is more important than ever before.

    My pick of 5 in order of importance would be as follows: Tim Kaine, Virginia (58), Sharod Brown, Ohio (63), Tom Vilsack, Iowa (66), James Stavridis, Florida (61), Bernie Sanders, Vermont (74/75). Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Colorado seem to be states we would like a better chance at.

    Most important reason to win in 2016 is Supreme Court nominations. Imagine there will be one, but probably 2 or 3.

    A Hispanic candidate is fine but if you're a lock to get the's not necessary.