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The Second Amendment and Fear

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    Dr Sarah Boston, July 10, 2016: The Second Amendment Right to be Afraid

    Why do so many otherwise good people shoot otherwise good people? Dr. Sarah Boston, a Canadian, relates her personal story of almost getting shot in rural Florida. It is worth your time to read and ponder. After the near death encounter with almost getting shot, Sarah Boston writes:

    "I pulled into my driveway and proceeded to have a breakdown. I then tried to call my husband but I had lost my ability to speak. Then I just sat down and cried. I was crying because I was scared and because when I looked at the redneck with the gun trained on me, I didn’t see hate, or anger. I just saw fear. He was afraid of me."

    Fear....makes people act irrationally. Some of them carry a gun and the results end in tragedy.

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    Most guns kill friends or family. Not bad guys. We'll never eliminate the 300+ million guns in this country. I hope we can take small steps in the right direction though. I would love to see mandatory background checks. I would love it if laws were passed wherein if you commit domestic violence or a violent assault, your guns should be taken away. I'd love it if automatic weapons and large clips were outlawed immediately. I'd love it if our politicians weren't bought and paid for by the NRA. I'd love it if crazy people weren't walking down the street with an automatic rifle. I expect maybe 5% of my hopes to come true. Until major changes occur, people will be needlessly killed. Hopefully very ugly prison sentences will make some think that there's a price to pay for being stupid, careless and dangerous.
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    TJ -- Well said. I know we have so many other posts on guns all over this website, and I hate to regurgitate all those arguments. I had wanted to make this one about fear, and how people react when afraid. I've read tragic stories of a father shooting a daughter who was sneaking back into the house at night. Or a homeowner shooting a stranger who just happened to be knocking at the wrong door. The internet is full of stories of family members accidently shooting their own loved ones. It's tragic. We seem to be in a new normal in our society where fear (as well as anger) is pervasive, driven by politicians and a media that profits by sensationalizing every incident.

    As I look back at my formative years, I suppose the only fear we really had back then was from communism...or being attacked by the Russians. And I realize now that much of that was also bogus. I pity those who feel they need to carry guns with them everywhere to protect themselves from the "other". I could never live like that. I live freely without those fears.

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    I'm glad that finally some people on the site get the picture I painted a long time ago about this country; some people told me to move. Sure let's continue to support a piece of paper written an long time ago related to the use of muskets by actually law and order people. How many people since have been shot since that piece of paper was signed? It is just about as stupid as sticking to Bibles or Korans. Question: did people in the 18th Century know what an AK47 or an AR 15 thing was or a multi round cartridge? If they would have known, then they would have never drafted that stupid piece of paper. Why keep killing people just for a piece of paper? Crazy. May be we need an dictator here who changes things drastically.