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FBI Says Clinton Shouldn't Face Charges Over Private E-Mail Server

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    In an announcement that surprised no one who has been following this case closely, FBI director James Comey recommended that the Department of Justice not bring charges against Secretary Clinton over her use of a private e-mail server during her time as Secretary of State. The recommendation brings to a close yet another in a very long list of manufactured "scandals" the Clinton's are accused of partaking in.

    The announcement wasn't greeted with cheers by Republicans though. Trump tweeted that "the system is rigged" and cable TV paraded multiple Republican operatives in front of the cameras to denounce Comey's announcement. What none of these Republican operatives seemed to remember is that Comey is a lifelong Republican who served in the Bush Administration before being appointed to be FBI director by President Obama in 2013.

    Director Comey made clear that her understood his decision was going to be diced and sliced every way you can look at it, but that the facts of the case are what's important. He continued to say "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case" and that "we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts."

    I've always thought this whole charade was an attempt by the Republican Party to attack Secretary Clinton in anyway they can and not about anything else. I'm glad the FBI came to the same conclusion today.

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    I love it - I am a lone Democrat in an extremely right wing nutjob family and area of the country. They will all be going crazy about this.
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    If HRC was involved, thousands of children must have been killed (All her fault) and big banks gave her billions at the same time. WAAAHHHHH. Crazy people will believe whatever they're told to believe. It's really sad to see what this country has become. President ???? WHAT ????? rumor is she has a vagina !!!!!!!! Thus, there's no way she can be in charge. Old white men running the world. It worked in 1940...... what ??!!?? it's not 1940 ? I'm hoping the game plan for DTrump with his hatred for all but white men is going to result as it did 4 years ago. You mean to suggest that parties need to try to appeal to various persons ? That will never catch on. Excuse my sarcasm.

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    Personally, I don't like it. It seems obvious to me that someone used poor judgement and while I think that placed on scale, this issue is still reasonably small compared to others, I wish democrats were in a place to stand up and do the right thing.

    However, given the choice between the poor judgement of Mrs. Clinton and her staff and the poor excuse for a person that Mr. Trump is, I would choose her every single time without batting an eyelash.

    Just my .02ยข
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    Where there is smoke there is fire. Smoke being all the scandals and fire being the right wing conspiracy charging the scandals and attacking Hillary. I watched the entirety of and was truly amazed by Hillary in the Benghazi hearing. As much as Hillary dismisvely out shown the republican lawyers they should be disbarred for incompetence.
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    Comey did so because the FBI does not want to impress people that they manipulate the election though Tramp is a candidate of their's. That's too evident. They have other methods to escort Trump to the president seat.