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Draft of Democratic Party Platform

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    2016 Democratic Party Platform DRAFT July 1, 2016

    For those so interested, the Democratic Party has released its final draft (39 pages) of its 2016 platform, giving party members and interested members of the public a chance to see it before the full platform committee approves it in Orlando, Florida, July 8-9. The next step after Orlando is for ratification by delegates of the full convention in Philadelphia.

    In browsing it, I will make a few observations. It is easy to distinguish the Bernie Sanders input. The language of several of the "promises" seem to come straight out of his blunt stump speech....word for word.

    Those with Hillary Clinton input have more cautious "diplomatic" wording, similar to platforms of the past.

    Overall there are many ""We will's" that are probably more of a feel good wish list to appease the faithful, but stand little chance of success.

    I have read many Democratic Party platforms in the past, and to my knowledge this is the first time the platform references the unelected presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, by name. Several paragraphs make direct references to his statements on the campaign trail. I would remove all specific references to Donald Trump, which read more like feel good rants.

    The draft platform should be viewed as a major success story for Bernie Sanders, but as I understand from his public statements, he is going to be proposing stronger language in several of the topics. It appears he will force a floor fight at the convention to get everything he wants, including the "Medicare for all single payer health care system, the free college for everyone, stronger language on the TPP, and a few other things that are sacred to him and his followers. I don't know if he will take 'no' for an answer. If he doesn't, the floor fight could get ugly.

    Hopefully he'll take some advice from others he trusts instead of his wife Jane, who seems to be angry and defiant every time I see her on TV. Ditto for Nina Turner.

    Browse it if you like. With the page index, you can quickly scroll to the sections that might interest you.


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    i would like to see the party disavow neoclassical economics which is the underlying driver for most of the problems they have laid out.
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    Hi -

    I got the same impression. The Democrats have found electoral success at the national level since 1992 by primarily being a left of center party. As a left of center person, it is a major reason I am drawn to them and am glad that Hillary Clinton is the nominee (and that e mail mess is behind us). The Democratic Party has done a great job of blunting their extremists - and I do believe Bernie Sanders is extreme - while obviously the GOP has not.

    Really, all they need to run on is "we will keep the boat steady while the GOP plans on slashing and burning everything."