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Market reacts to Brexit?

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    First: How many people that believe the stock market is where money is available to start a business know that there were no IPO' s in January 2016.

    In view of no IPOs does the market react to Brexit or is the reaction a function of market maker high frequency computer trader algorithyms taking advantage of a glitch to drain extra profits from 401ks and other new money.

    Do we believe the billions of shares, which are most of the market, that are traded every day are influenced by personal fears. Or could these predictable reactions be the result of planned policy executed from the desks of market maker high frequency computer traders taking advantage of any disruption?

    From Mark Cuban' s blog:

    "The companies that plant servers next to stock exchanges to make a few cents per trade aren’t buying IPOs, secondary offerings, or holding shares in support of valuations in a company they believe in. Every time markets crater, there is never a lack of liquidity. THere are still a billion or more shares traded. There is plenty of liquidity."

    Now that the election is essentially over, because no matter who wins the public loses, can we look at what is causing the devaluation of the middle class?