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Implications of Supreme Court 4-4 ruling on Immigrants

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    In a 4-4 split decision (no decision), the U.S. Supreme Court effectively dealt President Barack Obama a defeat by allowing the lower court ruling to stand. It blocks his plan to spare millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. However, because of the priority list for deportations, it is unlikely that the vast majority of the 4 million illegal immigrants affected by this ruling will be deported anytime soon, or at least before the election. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she promises to double down on President Obama's executive actions. If Trump is elected, expect not only deportation of the 4 million, but also all 11 million illegals. We have a clear choice on election day. The stakes have just been raised.

    Dallas Morning News, U. S. Supreme Court immigration decision: what you need to know

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    What really upsets me about this case is the Republican Party's ability to "shop" for a judge that they knew would side with them in a jurisdiction covered by one of the most, if not the most, conservative Court of Appeals. I think that all executive actions should be handled by the D.C. Court of Appeals considering that is where the President resides.
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    I've said all along; an two party system which is only getting farther and farther apart will only hamper any improvement in this country. Regardless of who gets to be president; this stance will only get worse and we may still end up on the short end of the stick for the lower classes. Corruption will only "bloom" more; as the only result.