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NRA Wins: Senate votes down four gun control measures

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    Chet Ruminski Wrote: I specifically asked for ideas that would have effect in a timely manner. Your proposals would take at least ten years.
    I've also said on many occasions that I don't think in the short term. Thinking in the short term is what has gotten us to this point where an average citizen can walk into a gun shop and buy a weapon of war faster than they would be able to renew their drivers licence when they walked into the DMV.

    Chet Ruminski Wrote: Another problem is the distortion of the number of gun owners. The only thing has dwindled is the number of people willing to say they own guns.

    This just feeds into NRA talking points. We are not a nation where everyone is walking around packing heat waiting to play hero at a moments notice. If that were the case then don't you think someone, somewhere, would have been able to be an actual hero and kill a mass shooter?

    The fact of the matter is that less than 30% of Americans own guns and the vast majority of that 30% own multiple guns.

    Chet Ruminski Wrote: That distortion is fueling the support from genuine people. Then when the results of actions contradict the motivation the result is confusion and mistrust. Pro gun support views any law as advancing toward confiscation. Anti gun validates the mistrust by proposing ridiculous restrictions that blatantly advertise confiscation. Pro gun support knows that reasonable laws would be ineffective so the resistance solidifies against any law.

    I had this conversation with my rather conservative father just yesterday. The blatant lies peddled by pro gun groups are absurd.

    People who want common sense gun regulation aren't proposing to form a new government agency that will go house to house so they can take your guns away. We just don't want someone to be able to walk into a gun shop and purchase enough weaponry to slaughter 49 people in a night club.

    Your 2nd Amendment right doesn't trump (no pun intended) my 4th Amendment right to be secure in my person. One Amendment doesn't trump every other Amendment.

    Chet Ruminski Wrote: The NRA is not self funded.

    How did an association that was founded for sportsmen whose sole purpose was to promote gun safety and education become an association who received the vast majority of their revenues from gun industry advertisements? That's a question many NRA members need to ask themselves.

    Is it the National Rifle Association or the National Assault Rifle Association?