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Pre existing condition coverage and similar expenses will kill ACA.

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    Chet Ruminski Wrote: You is both singular and plural. Referring to your type of thinking does not credit you with creating it but sustaining it. You are not the first person to make judgements based directly how outcomes effect you. Like your concern with higher prices by bringing jobs back to the USA. Typical conservative reaction.

    Thank you for the English lesson, but most people would have written "see what [people like] you have created?" instead of saying "see what you have created?"

    I am by no means conservative, but I am a pragmatist.

    There are plenty of jobs in the United States, but they aren't the same jobs that were around twenty years ago. Clean energy jobs are exploding; coal mining jobs are evaporating. I don't feel too bad for coal miners who refuse to adapt to a changing world. I'm sorry if they want to stay in Appalachia, but there are plenty of jobs outside of Appalachia that will give them and their families a great living.

    The same goes with many other jobs in this rapidly changing world. Globalization is here to stay. That's just a fact. American's always say they want to buy "made in America" items, but they don't actually purchase items that are made in America. That's because it's a lot cheaper for them to purchase things that aren't made in America.