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EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash

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    Sadly Mohamed Ali passed about 30 hours ago. I thought it was an important story but I was surprised as I flipped from CNN, MSNBC, Faux news to find that for hours it was all that was discussed. Of course Faux had the presumptive candidate on to discuss how great Ali was. Upon mentioning his religeon....... it was quickly glossed over.
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    Egypt says they have located the wreckage of Egypt Air Flight 804. That's good because the black box pingers run out on June 24th.

    Huffington Post: Main EgyptAir Wreckage Locations Found By Search Team, Egypt Says

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    Search vessel recovers human remains at EgyptAir MS804 crash site

    "A search vessel contracted by the Egyptian government has recovered all mapped human remains under water at the crash site of EgyptAir flight MS804 in the Mediterranean, Egypt's aircraft accident investigation committee said on Sunday.

    "No explanation for the disaster has been ruled out. But current and former aviation officials increasingly believe the reason lies in the aircraft's technical systems, rather than sabotage.

    "Initial analysis of the plane's flight data recorder showed there had been smoke in the lavatory and avionics bay while recovered wreckage from the jet's front section showed signs of high temperature damage and soot, the first physical signs that fire may have broken out on the airliner."


    Of course, these findings would be very preliminary and don't really mean anything. Speculation. They should talk with Donald Trump. He seemed quite sure right after the plane was lost.