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    Hello I am a Conservative Democrat... Well I believe in the idea that the economy should be run like Europe I am also Pro-Life and Pro-Gun and have a Hobbsian Interpretation of the Social Contract. Although before you just ban me I am Omnisexual and Autistic and can't post on Conservative Websites without oddness. I was called a child-molester on a conservative forum for stating that Transgendered people in fact have the brain of the opposite sex and as such are the opposite sex in reality and have been called a Government Shill for explaining that Obama is not a Socialist Muslim Jew Gay Atheist Communist Fascist Lizard Person but just a liberal capitalist... And although I don't support much of Bernie Sander's Agenda as a Keynsian and a LGBT+ person and ally I find him more favorable then Trump or Hillery as I don't believe the Country will be able to survive much more of this experiment called the Free Market and like the fact that Bernie was Pro-LGBT from the beginning...
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    EimGrey -- Welcome to the Democratic Hub. If you have browsed the website, you will find mixed views on most issues, but generally the regulars seem to be to the left of me...strong Bernie supporters. While I have nothing against Bernie Sanders in general and would support him strongly in a general election, I have opted to support Hillary Clinton. I'm kind of the issues guy. I spend a lot of time looking at the issues and problems, and reading what the candidates say (or not say) about how they would achieve their objectives. Notice I emphasized the "how". I think that is the major reason why I lean more towards Hillary. Her website has detailed proposals on just about every issue out there. She is essentially subjecting them to the scrutiny of experts, peers and opponents and inviting input to make them even better.

    Outside of that, I have also done considerable research on every past allegation from Whitewater to the present and decided that there was nothing sinister or illegal in any of those so called "investigations", which I would characterize more as political witch hunts. She has made a few mistakes in her life, which she fully acknowledges. Her opponents subject her to purity tests for political gain.

    So as you participate in the discussions, I personally like to keep the discussions more factual with critical thinking, but much of the discussion at times reverts to emotions. I push back on people who show their emotions too much or become uncivil. Most people on this website have thick skins, so don't take anything personal if I or anyone else pushes back on you. Those who have thin skins mostly leave the website after a while.

    Share your views and see where they go...