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Hillary will put Bill in charge.

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    Hillary will put Bill in charge of revitalizing the economy. I think that will hurt her campaign. What would be the positive influence Bill would have on her campaign. I think the really smart guys advised her to do it because it will nullify Trump's sexist attack offense. If he says that disqualifies Bill then he is disqualifying himself. His rhetoric has been how sexist Bill is rather than defending himself. He would have to totally vindicate himself of the sexist accusations before he could challenge Bill on sexist grounds.
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    The economy is better than it's been in nearly two decades. There's been 74 straight months of job growth. The amount of money the average American takes home is higher than it's been in decades. And businesses are continuing to add new employees as the economy continues to grow.

    The cognitive dissonance that many people in this country have is quite sad. Yes, we have many problems in this country. What country doesn't have problems? But our economy doesn't need to be revitalized because President Obama did a pretty good job doing that already. Now the next President just needs to make sure they don't tank it like W and the Republican Party did in '08.

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    Hillary said: "My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy..."

    Is she saying that as an answer to Trump's "make America Great Again" . It seems to contradict what she has been saying about growth, jobs and increasing incomes. I said earlier she needs to come out swinging with a Trump type message to Trump's supporters. Announcing the job for Bill is a start.