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Special treatment for money and people is needed.

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    People and money should be considered valuable resources and treated accordingly. People have rights. Nobody denies human rights. But segments attempt to resolve response to human rights to the the least possible action and mostly simply acknowledging human rights is the extent of action. Other people justify no action placing personal welfare on the individual. Contemporary society is finding less dependability on labor. Referring to self reliance, personal welfare is the responsibility of the individual. People are treated as expendable. Welfare is a right, it is the basis of human rights.

    Money should be afforded the same protection as a natural resource. The purpose and only purpose of money is to facilitate trade. Consider a valley with a stream running through it in a national park. The valley is populated with animals and some of the animals are endangerd. If a person dammed the stream for self interest, that person would end up in jail. Money serves a similar purpose in our lives as that stream does for the animals. Hoarding or diverting money from its intended use to facilitate trade is dangerous and life threatening. Money should be insured to fulfil its function to facilitate trade. Dams should be taxed away to improve the volume of goods and services. At the same time money that produces jobs should be rewarded. Simply stagnating huge sums of money for the sake of self satisfaction should be discouraged. Money should fulfil its purpose. If it does then people will benefit. Simply generating incomes without the need for labor is anti-social. Very simple changes that would benefit everybody. Insure that people and money are allowed to perform their jobs.