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London elects Muslim mayor

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    BBC News, May 7, 2016: Sadiq Khan sworn in as new London mayor

    "Newly-elected London mayor Sadiq Khan has been formally signed in to the role at a Southwark Cathedral ceremony.

    "Mr Khan said: "I'm determined to lead the most transparent, engaged and accessible administration... and to represent every single community, and every single part of our city, as mayor for all Londoners.""

    Mr. Khan is the son of a London bus driver with Pakistani roots. Browsing the media, public opinion is divided. Nativists especially are concerned about the culture of not only London, but also Britain.

    I think we can expect more elections like this in the future as globalization and immigration result in a blending of cultures.

    What little I have read about Sadiq Khan, he appears to be a good man. Three cheers for the voters of London.