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    Copy of a text I sent 7:48 AM Central Time 27 April 2016:

    "Money is only a claim on wealth, so making money without producing anything of value is creating claims on the wealth created by others and is an invisible form of theft." by David Korten

    I emerged questioning the irrational and subjective. When other kids were talking about favorite baseball players I was trying to figure out how two leagues were formed and what was the difference between the American and National Leagues. At the same time I couldn't get anybody to explain to me how the stockmarket could exist selling the same stock back and forth. The answer to both scenarios is they are created illusions. They both create incomes without producing a good or service. That is the root of all problems. It undermines the purpose of money. Creating incomes without producing a marketable product for trade short circuits the purpose of money. It is a one way process and takes money out of the system. Money is supposed to work in a continuous loop of trade. Taking money out of the loop by hoarding and stagnating causes unemployment, poverty and wars. Legislating money back into the economy and activity seems logical. I can see the results of stagnated money: unemployment, poverty and wars. I nèed an explanation for the upside of stagnating money.