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Hillary Clinton's proposals, plans and where she stands

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    Again it shows that Americans are absolutely the dumbest bunch in the world if you did observe last nights results in N.Y.

    That a person like Trump gets that many votes while he "milks" the whole of N.Y city. I do not understand that at all. Neither Hillary's victory. But yeah this country deserves the leaders they elect. I absolutely can't figure it out what drives Hillary to be President; just give speeches, then you get rich the easy way; just let your husband screw around and enjoy life in the Hampton's. Sorry but things are moving in the wrong direction; it will continue as the same old structure and stupid policies by the same people who ruined this country by loving wars all over the place and don't want change for the better. It is time we get an President who concentrates on our own people and not the inbred clan in Washington with all the connections to the 1%, as well bows to our Pentagon generals, as well the CIA, NSA, FBI etc. Instead we should be spending our tax money on the things Bernie does promotes. We kill here ourselves 10 times more people per year than 9/11, as well 10 times on deadly drug overdoses. Walls to stop immigrants, discrimination or our wars do not stop that, neither Hillary if she is elected, because she will be too busy every day to defend herself and pat her ego arrogance.