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Trade deals are about rules, not trade

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    Dear Schmidt and the D-Hub,

    We've had a lot of discussions about trade as of late, particularly with respect to Bernie's views and the President's TPP and TTIP.

    I think Mathew Yglesias, who has repeatedly written things that make me want to strangle him, gets a lot right in this article. Trade deals are about rules, not trade. I want to repeat that. Trade deals are about rules, not trade. They are about a particular set of rules, typically that which benefits powerful interests.

    Globalization is driven more so by technology and American penetration into foreign markets than trade deals; trade happens without trade deals in place, markets evolve, business takes flight, etc. then the trade deals happen.

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    Carlitos, As I said in another thread about the managers making money from the deal and not the products: "They then would be exchanging products they are expert in for for products other countries have facility with". It is much the same with the Wall Street making money extraneously. fX is the same. Essentially gambling. When profits are taken f (X) then money is taken out of the system. Artificial inflation. Very basic explanation of a failing indicator can be found thousands of years ago in a manual Dutch correctly credits the authors. The bible referencing "money changers". They made a profit from worshipping. Inflated the cost providing no real benefit. Pointing out the neccesity for a universal fixed standard.
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    The provided link gives a detailed argument for standardization without using the word.