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Obama's statement that Trump does not know the world etc.

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    Obama finally spoke up about the ridiculous statements of Trump; especially related to world knowledge and nuclear policies. I must say that at least Obama understands the world quite a bit more than Trump. The only mistakes he made were/are in the Middle East, but I don't blame him, but actually Bush who created this chain reaction. At least Obama had his education in a Muslim country (Indonesia); Trump has no international experience; he's just like more than half of all Americans who never have been away from this "island' and worked or lived elsewhere. May be he only did some "building" transactions. I doubt if he himself did those; he just bullies his personel to do the job; if not good then "fire" them. We sure don't need a person like that , without any "real" world experience; neither Cruz who knows only barely Cuba and uses the "evilgelicals" as his guide.
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    Dutch. Trump is typical of wealth. People taking full credit for their accomplishments then thinking they can accomplish anything. On top of that they feel they are especially blessed making them feel infallible. That is one good reason for a progressive income tax. Prevent people from buying power.