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Obama's Best Appointee

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    President Obama's best appointee has been John Kerry to run the State Department who succeeded in getting a treaty with Iran and opening up Cuba and by so doing proved beyond a doubt that diplomacy is a far more civilized approach to getting your way then bombing a country into oblivion.
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    Yes John Kerry has been the right man for the right time. However, Hillary Clinton was also a great Secretary of State, but she had a different task than Kerry's:

    CNN, August 17, 2015: Hillary Clinton revived America's reputation in world

    President Obama knows how to select good people, and good people like to work for President Obama. Each was the perfect match for the time.

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    I think Kerry was a disaster related to the Israel/Palestinian mess; I must say he probably learned from it. Related to Clinton, no I don't see any accomplishments which she did, which an other could have done as well. She is a "lawyer type" lots of carefully selected words to keep her out of trouble; tip toeing through the swamp. I don't think that is an accomplishment.