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Trump vs Hillary

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    Conditions generally agreed upon. Over last thirty years middle class wages stagnant. Income gap widens. Entitlements whittled away, millions of jobs lost overseas, highest tax rate slashed, massive deregulation, new laws passed to favor speculation, massive legalised gambling, over half the wealth owned by small top percentage and on, cost of college education skyrocketing,

    Everything in last 30 years was significant gain for the wealthy with significant loss for middleclsss. Democrats were president for half of the 30 years. Upper class experienced significant gains across the spectrum while middle class suffered. College debt is higher than GDP of most of the countries. Hillary is going to claim suitability for office claiming experience gained from 20 or so years. In the same period that most got nothing Trump became a billionaire. Trump has a winning campaign promise while Hillary has to distort conditions. She has lauded income increases under Obama, but for who? She offers working with what we have. She has one chance against Trump. She has to come out as a warrior rebelling against the established freed to express herself rebelling against the last thirty years. She can come out as a woman scorned now free to speak her mind with her nomination support. If she doesn't come out swinging for the middleclsss she will end up with nothing but the support for a woman for president.

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    Check these numbers to see how we faired under Obama.