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Clinton Foundation and Flint

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    Hillary is setting the stage for a life saving Clinton Foundation emergency money for Flint. It would be the greatest and the governor would have to resign.
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    This is the first I heard about the Clinton Foundation being directly involved monetarily. This would be a bit risky politically as it could be deemed as "vote buying" by opponents. I know that Chelsea Clinton (a member of the Clinton Foundation) has been active on the ground promoting possible solutions.

    Detroit Free Press, Chelsea Clinton, Flint mayor announce new jobs program

    "Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and former first daughter Chelsea Clinton announced a new program Sunday -- the Flint WaterWorks initiative -- which will provide the city's youth with jobs to directly help families affected by the water crisis.

    "Through the program, young adults will be given jobs distributing clean water, healthy food and nutrition information and services to families. They also will help make "Flint’s water infrastructure safe," Weaver said, by aiding her Fast Start initiative to remove all lead and lead-tainted service lines in the city."

    These youth effectively displace the National Guard troops so they can go back to their traditional roles. Makes sense. The article makes no mention of the Clinton Foundation, but I suppose by Chelsea's direct involvement in seeking private funding for the WaterWorks initiative, it could be construed as "Clinton Foundation" involvement.

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    Schmidt. I was just speculating. I really don't think Clinton would suffer any reprocussions by the Clinton Foundation making a significant contribution. On the contrary I think she would suffer more if the Clinton Foundation did not make a significant contribution. I despise the Clintons but I assure you I would have nothing negative to say if the Clinton Foundation got involved. With people exposed daily to harm I don't think anybody would try and turn Foundation involvement against Hillary.