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Obama promised change,"not a revolution."

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    Ezra Kleain, Vox, February 11, 2016: What the architects of Obama's 2008 campaign think of the Bernie Sanders campaign

    I was a volunteer in the Obama campaigns of 2008 and 2012...and like the Bernie supporters, very passionate. But there is a major difference between us Obama supporters and the Bernie supporters that Ezra Klein has addressed quite well. At least his analysis resonates with me.

    "But, in a reaction that may reflect the experience of Obama's presidency as much as his campaign, the Obama veterans are almost universally frustrated by Sanders's message, which they see as both less realistic and less unifying than what they offered in 2008.

    "Obama got in the race to be president, and Sanders got in the race to send a message, and you can see that difference in their approaches to policymaking," says Dan Pfeiffer, who was Obama's communications director in 2008. "Obama wouldn't support a policy unless he felt it was feasible if he was president. Sanders doesn't seem to have that limitation, which gives him more message purity and a sharper contrast with Clinton, but is a huge substantive and political problem if he ends up in the White House."

    "The Obama-Sanders comparisons are overly facile," Pfeiffer continues. "In 2008, Obama's campaign was about channeling hope, and Sanders's is about channeling anger — well-deserved, righteous anger, but anger nonetheless."

    In this telling, the core difference between Obama and Sanders is that Obama's theory of political change was that American politics needed to become less ideological and less conflictual, while Sanders's theory of change is that American politics needs to be made more ideological and more conflictual. Obama thought a better, more technocratic, more generous process would reveal a larger space for compromise, while Sanders thinks a more sharply defined platform will reveal that there's less need than anyone thought for compromise.


    I think Pfeiffer pretty well sums it up as I have been struggling and conflicted in trying to see hope in Sanders messaging, but instead I am uncomfortable with the anxiety of what his campaign could lead to in the future. Well one might argue different strokes for different folks and these are different times requiring bolder initiatives. Perhaps, but that doesn't change how I feel.

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    People often want to label POTUS as a failure. The obvious problem is the immaturity of the congress to do anything except flat out refuse to govern like adults. Between the lines it's all fine which I attribute to bigotry and partisan politics. It's no way to run a country. Congress has been flat useless for the last 7 years.

    Bernie is busy promising the world. Free health care, free college, higher wages, less people in jail, less racism, less bad bridges/roads/water pipes/etc., less everything you might possibly be against and more of all of the good things including high paying jobs fixing the infrastructure. Easy to do because once you get elected....nobody makes you keep your promises. Nobody says you said it would be this and cost that but we didn't hit the mark ?????? The R's (which I hate) are faithful voters and they cheer about smaller govt. Mr. Sanders wants the govt. to show up and put a band aid on juniors knee if he falls. The govt cant be the fix to all problems and if (BS) campaigning against that the R's will be like a child at Disney. They will gladly welcome the polar opposite for everything they believe in. Eventually you need to get specific about what it all will cost and how it would be paid for.

    I watched the debate last night and Ms Clinton got a lot of applause from the audience. Who knows how or why. I'm interested how BS has so much enthusiasm and it's impressive. It's a clear indicator that the people want a new direction. I repeat BS would be a good VP or secretary of ______. I think more people will start to question how he won't be subject to partisan politics and the fact that a huge number of people don't want to govt. to be in the band aid business.