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Sanders can beat Trump, Hillary can't.

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    Schmidt; talking about body language; at least Bernie shows his emotions; Hillary when she stands there looking with a ready to kill look is a typical lawyer look at you when you are convicted of murder. It is her arrogant way of "standing above" the rest of the world. Sorry she is a self centered lawyer type; I've met many of those types in my life.
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    If Bernie got the nomination it would be the greatest determination of Democracy in the USA. The presidential election would be between a plutocracy and a real economy. If he won the election it would be the people voting. If he lost the election it would be the people voting. It is very possible for people to vote against their best interest in favor of propagandized status quo subordination. "Better dead than red."
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    If Bernie Sanders does win the nomination, it will because of America's thirst to get our Democracy back. I don't think a bunch of stupid negative adds are going to squash this revolution, especially with the alternative most likely being either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. This is our chance to truly make America great in ways that really matter. We currently have a dog and pony show featuring the rich while the rest of the country falls apart. This should end, and will, if we vote for the candidate who wants to best serve the needs of the people, Bernie Sanders.

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    If Bernie Sanders does win the nomination, it's because his record has not been vetted. He castigates Clinton for taking speaking fees for her speeches to Wall Street after she left office. He asks for the transcripts of her speeches and brags that he doesn't have any transcripts himself because he has "never made any speeches". Yes that's right. I researched his 25 year record in Congress and couldn't find any speeches on anything other than statements he made on the floor of the House and Senate or his infamous 8 1/2-hour attempted filibuster against the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 because as a compromise with Republicans it included a two year extension of the Bush Tax cuts. That piece of legislation also provided a one year reduction in the Social Security tax to help all working Americans but perhaps more importantly it provided much needed relief to the unemployed and also extended the Child Tax Credit to 10.5 million lower-income families with 18 million children. Bernie Sanders railed against it because he could not stand the thought of the "millionaires and billionaires" getting two more years of relief of the Bush tax cuts. I guess the benefits to the poor and children were secondary in Bernie's mind. No compromises!

    I also found a lot of "yea" and "nay" votes to cover his voting record, and his Wikipedia bio says he was an "outspoken critic" and a "progressive voice" on all the same issues that he is now running for president on. But for someone who has spent 25 years in Congress (10 as Senator), there is no passed legislation that has his "name" on it other than the recent bi-partisan Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act. Although he was chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee to get that legislation passed, before that time according to, he made "a series of puzzling public statements that appear to defend the government hospital bureaucracy."

    I guess it's okay to criticize someone else's efforts, but when the criticism comes back to the efforts of the committee that he chaired, it's a different tune.

    Now prior to entering Congress in 1991 his record includes a strong socialist agenda as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. I'll give him credit for that. However, that record of accomplishments somehow got sidelined once he entered Congress.

    In the last debate the moderator finally asked him about his trips to Nicaragua and Cuba in which he criticized US government policies while praising the socialist Sandinista movement and Fidel Castro's Cuba. Up until that debate no one felt like they should muddy Bernie's record, and Hillary Clinton to her credit had remained silent up to that point. Yet true to Bernie's character he defended his actions.

    The Hill: Sanders defends past praise of Fidel Castro

    Maybe we should ask for transcripts of those speeches.

    And for the record, here is a transcript of one of Hillary's speeches to Wall Street in 2007. Read it. Oh you might ask, we need to see the transcripts of all those "secret speeches". Forget her voting record or what she said in this speech. We need to go fishing in all those other speeches because we "just don't trust her". She's not one of us. But I would say for the average American, neither is Bernie.

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    I don't care which Democrat wins in November but mark my words.....Socialist or Socialism is going to haunt BS. His ideas are solid but the not brilliant people in the Repub party will launch a total Witch hunt. R's are faithful voters as well. If BS gets selected (which I doubt) I say the Socialist thing will trip him up repeatedly.
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    The "Socialist Thing" is working well for Bernie. Do you think the RP will rally behind Trump? I think they would concede the election before identifying as a Trump Republican Party.