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Race and today's Super Bowl

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    And old topic is still here. Race. Cam Newton is the QB for the Carolina Panthers. It's been said that he polarizes the league. Why is that ? He celebrates after scoring a touch down. How dare he. He dances and then gives the football to a small child in the seats. That's fine if you're a white QB in Green Bay, Wisc. but polarizing if you're a black QB in Charlotte. You should know your place has been said. Sad and disappointing. I hope for much more but racism is alive and healthy too damned often. Many don't want to discuss this as it's easy to see it and look away. That too is weak and pitiful. The topic is broached when the player being discussed wins the MVP award (the day of the game) yet is admonished for not being quiet and more "in his place". The issue happens every day when not hiring persons of color, not supporting social issues, not caring who is filling our jails, who's being killed by cops, is counter balanced with you can entertain me but don't smile too much and draw attention to yourself while doing so. Know your place and stay there. Not proud to be an American when this shit is far too common.
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    TJ -- I agree. Cam Newton is highly deserving of his MVP status. He was the best QB in the NFL this season. And he is a class act off the field as well. However, he had a bad game at the Super Bowl, or alternatively you could say that the Broncos had an outstanding day defensively. But in reading comments at the bottom of articles, there are several mocking Cam Newton, not only for his dancing, but also questioning his MVP status....and there is the innuendo that somehow his race was a factor.

    Cam Newton, an MVP on and off the field

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    I have no problem with Cam Newton. I think some celebrations by players border on ridiculous such as celebrating virtually every damn play. That is not race related because players of various races do ridiculous celebrations.

    As for Newton being the best QB I don't have a problem with him winning an award but I think Brady did a better job having to deal with an o line that had so many changes. But either way Newton or Brady was good by me.

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    I'm as mad about the way he was being talked about before the Super Bowl as I am about how he is being talked about after the Super Bowl.

    The media is aghast that he was in a sour mood when he addressed them after the Panthers loss last night. Why are players forced to talk to the media after losing the biggest game of their lives in the first place? Do they expect him to have a huge smile on his face and say that there's always next year? No Fortune 500 CEO is forced to give a press conference after being fired by a board of directors; why are professional athletes forced to go in front of cameras after losing the Super Bowl?

    Professional athletes are human beings. If they don't want to talk to the media than they shouldn't have to.