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"We All Breathe The Same Air" - Our Wars In 2 Minutes

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    Is war beyond our understanding? For several months I've read many different opinions on this subject throughout the forum which has been extremely enlightening.

    With this question in mind and being a Film Editor I decided to create a video titled 'Our Wars In 2 Minutes' that covers the major wars since WW1 up until ISIS. Ultimately JFK's peace speech is the only reasonable solution to war that I could understand. It be extremely rewarding to hear back from a community that has educated me on international conflicts.


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    Tom -- Excellent video. Very professional. So many of the quick glimpses of suffering I recognized from previous news casts over decades. Yet we never seem to learn the lesson, and the victims of all those wars are usually the innocent civilians including many children as well as those soldiers that are just pawns in the game of leaders that have big egos and don't know how to negotiate except from behind the barrel of a gun.

    I highly recommend your video to be watched by all on this website. Thanks for honoring us by sharing it.

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    Schmidt what incredibly kind words, after working months on a project it's a relief to hear such a response. What you say is exactly true and what I'd hoped to convey. Thank you kindly for taking the time to watch it.
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    I agree that you have made a good video. In the most simple terms, I like people....not all but most. People should not kill other people. Politicians get us into wars but they never fight. Hopefully we can continue to evolve and not kill except when it seems to be self defense. Somebody stealing your large television doesn't involve self defense.
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    Well said!
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    tombennett91 Wrote: Well said!
    Sure I agree with Schmidt, however I wonder if your message will hit home with our warmongers who call themselves "patriots" Also don't forget that three quarter of your clip shows what we as the US were/are dong worldwide after WWII, without any benefit for us. For instance certain "clips" move actually too fast to impress certain people; they glance over it and go back eating their pizza. So my suggestion is to "hold/pause" the most horific scenes a bit longer in order to let it sink in for the "patriotic" flag waving, militaristic, warmonger crowd.
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    Yes, I agree Dutch: Some of it moves too fast to grasp the moment. But it has many important images that help us all to feel the horror of war. A good documentary, over all. THIS IS A GREAT TIME to remind ourselves why we hate War.