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a legal barbaric practice

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    When America's Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs get on television and state that those carrying badges have a right to murder unarmed American citizens just because they happen to be minorities or mentally ill I wonder how many Americans feel this is wrong?!
    And the only reason this barbaric practice has continued and grown worse for generations is because America's legal systems are unjust, unfair, corrupt and politicized.
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    Believe it or not but that is not an isolated or rare opinion. I was told of an emergency room nurse that said that poor people were overloading emergency rooms with non emergency cases. Wished they would die.
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    I think the number of Americans killed by police last year was like 1200. We have a problem. In all of Europe maybe 100 people are killed by police. Why are American police killing so many people ? Why are American police so out of control? Is it our gun culture ? The rampant racism ? The right wing hate machine that never sleeps?

    Are the just too many police ? Is it our private prison industry who demand more arrests more prisoners ?

    Is all this begining to sound perverse. I hope so because it is perverse. You watch the cop show on TV and you will notice they only pull over poor people. They don't pullover BMW or expesive cars. They don't go into rich people back yard . They don't bang on rich people doors. Why is that ?

    The reason is because they want to get everyone "in the system . That is what they want. They raid a poor man's house search his car and arrest him or her for possessing . Not commiting any crime other than being poor . They are then in the system. The private prison gets another customer. More young men are angry and will never have a chance . They drug everyone too . All foster children are put on meds. Most Americans are on meds. Then they arrest you for possession.. soon they will implant a chip in you when you get arrested so they can monitor you and you won't have a choice. They want to chip all babies when they are born. Soon ,they will.

    There is an amendment I believe it's the fourth one. That limits the power of the police . That amendment is now being ignored. Our police are all militarized. And citizens have zero rights . The police don't even act like they work for us anymore. They act like they are entitled to do as they please. They defend any bad behaviour and dare us to protest . They attack protestors regularly. Right now they are preparing to attack the protestors at Standing Rock . It is going to be terrible.