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The stock market has mutated from support to objective.

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    Look up any definition for the stock market and it will always allude to a source of capital for businesses otherwise unable to source funding. That is in no way in any sense remotely true. In any significant sense a business has to be fully developed and profitable to participate in the stock market. The stock market has morphed into a source of income without producing a product or employing significant numbers of labor. The spinoff futures has overtaken the size of the investment market without providing any product or service. It has taken a hedge against uncontrolled influences on products and turned that into a quadrillion dollar business of pure gambling speculation on the position of any stock influenced by any reason. Even manufactured positions to give the appearance of uncontrolled changes. The problem is that the amount of money required to finance this speculation has taken that amount of money out of the economy. Sure, companies move to China to cut expenses to compete. But that is false competition caused by the shortage of money created by the derivative/futures market. If there was more money to spend more products differentiated by quality and not price could be made and sold, here and worldwide. Affluence demands quality, poverty demands low cost. The owners have taken money out of the economy. The competition is not for goods but for the limited amount of money left to spend in the hands of consumers.