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Distorion famous people are paid to exaggerate beyond belief.

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    A lot of us can make logical choices seeing through artificial soul selling lies. But some can't and a lot really can't. I am talking about the advertising that our children grow up with as soon as they comprehend television. Famous people, roll models, idols of many exaggerate and lie beyond comprehension for the money and endorsement of multitudes of businesses. We may be taking for granted and probably are overlooking that advertisements are presenting distorted reality. Young developing and older naive people are taking for gospel what the sophisticated see as exaggeration for profit. I became particularly incensed today when I heard Oprah's testimonial endorsement for weight watchers. She actually shamed overweight women for not freeing the woman inside of them. The reality is that if all people would eat the exact same diet according to body weight some would be fat, some thin, some obese and some starve to death. Empirically everybody over eats because none, not one of us converts all that we eat into use by our bodies. What she is doing is causing guilt for people that have a normal body weight that exceeds a slim thin look. She is telling lies for money. And worse than that she is causing shame for a certain group of women. Our kids grow up believing that if you are overweight then you overeat and do not take care of yourself. But that is just the smallest tip of the mountains of lies we accept as another way to get richer. I listened to automobile enthusiast Wayne Carini who I perceive as a good guy describe a small blower of hot air. He said that one of their important tools that they could not do without in the car restoration shop was this little hot air blower. Now I am not sure if he was describing the tool or himself. The point is that most of what we hear is something people are paid to say calling attention to a sponsor. Everything on TV is exaggerated to appeal to the audience. We accept and enjoy the offerings, but look at what it really costs. We have created a society that accepts lying as a way of life. What car maker, soap manufacturer, political candidate doesn't exaggerate their superiority. Look at collective bargaining between labor unions and companies. Both sides exaggerate their positions in order to have a surplus to bargain down to a settlement.