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should we allow this man into our country?

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    If you click on the link below, you'll see a picture of a man who looks a little scary.

    There are a number of our fellow Americans who would not let this guy inside our country.

    FOX "news" contributor Bo Dietl recently commented that law enforcement officers should monitor those who start growing facial hair:

    both Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush think that we should only allow CHRISTIAN refugees from the Middle East: into our country

    although he is NOT a Muslim, he's not a Christian either, since he was born into the Jewish faith .. however, he doesn't always follow the rules that are spelled out in the Torah

    this man doesn't speak English, he's never held a passport or a drivers license, he's been homeless for a number of years, he doesn't own a proper pair of shoes, and he's been known to spend some time with prostitutes

    since he doesn't have a photo ID, roughly half of our states would not let him vote, even if he went though the lengthy process required to become a citizen

    in addition, he hasn't held a steady job for quite a while .... on top of all that, his mother was unmarried when she became pregnant at the age of 13

    I'm also quite certain that he has NEVER wished anyone a "Merry Christmas"

    if you've ever listened to Paul Harvey, you're familiar with the part where he says, "and now, for the rest of the story"

    very few people would be able to tell you his name by looking at the picture shown above, even though he is a very well known individual .... there are a LOT of people who think that he looks like the picture that you will find in the link below ... in the 1970's, our "greatest generation" folks would have called him a "long haired hippie"

    British scientists and Israeli archaeologists have recently determined that the man who we think looks like the picture shown immediately above actually looks a lot more like the picture that you see at the top of the page

    to tell you the truth, I would be very careful about who you share the above information with .... an individual who I have known for more than 40 years no longer wants to communicate with me because I diplomatically gave him a SMALL PORTION of the information shown above .. not surprisingly, he's a registered Republican

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    Hey...........that's Jesus. I see him all the time. Was that taken by a Polaroid around 25 AD? Maybe this is the second coming. Fun aside, it is science discovery attempting to rationalize with current technology how Jesus would of looked like back in the day. I am of the belief that I will know HIM, without any doubt, when Jesus makes his appearance.

    I know Jesus would not associate with any political party, but only people who wait eagerly for HIS return.

    Saw the media reporting and took it as science has nothing to do anymore but make up foolishness. Please give a poor scientist a job, apparently they need one.

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    Got to thinking more on this image and yes I have seen this fellow before in a 1965 classic movie called "Naked Prey" starring Cornel Wilde. With the beard and eye gaze, definitely Cornel Wilde in the movie.

    The Naked Prey (1965)