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When "politically incorrect" becomes political fodder

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    One thing about Republicans that should be evident to everyone by now...when they find a talking point that sticks, they all grab that talking point and mention it again and again. The latest is "politically incorrect". Trump seemed to hit a "hot spot" in the first debate when castigating women got a cheer from the Fox News debate audience. Since then the "politically incorrect" movement amongst Republicans has expanded to include Mexicans, African-Americans, Asians, the LGBT community, Muslims, and now Syrian refugees....or to summarize: "the other". Anybody who isn't white and Christian and straight and Republican. Of course, using politically incorrect words against President Obama have never been off limits.

    But beyond Obama references, Republicans have become more emboldened in their remarks and under criticism, just repeat Donald Trump euphemisms, or claim free speech. When they say they want to take our country back, I guess uncivility is just another in those steps backward in time.

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    Donald Trump, and right wing conservatives in general, apparently have a gift for bringing out the truly ugly side of our society. On Tuesday of this week, a Black Lives Matter protester in Las Vegas was treated "less than cordially" by the numb skulls who support Trump. It wasn't the first time that a protester was treated poorly by Trump's crowd, since a Black Lives Matter protester in Phoenix was beaten up a few weeks ago.

    The last official lynching in the United States occurred in 1968, although the dragging death of James Beard in Jasper, Texas in 1998 would probably qualify as well. As you watch the video in the clip above, you'll realize that there is absolutely no difference between Trump supporters and the lynch mobs that plagued America for more than a century.

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    Arizona -- Thanks for the links, especially the one documenting racial induced torture and murder against African-Americans. Ted Nugent has called President Obama a subhuman mongrel, but I believe the people that commit these kind of atrocities must have missed out on some genes during their evolutionary development. So they themselves lacking the empathy gene could be called "sub-human" if you think of humans being synonymous with humanity.

    We have also discussed genocidal actions against Native American tribes from the days of Christopher Columbus to the recent past. It's not just the fact that many were killed, but it was also the manner in which they were killed, and at the time the killings glorified. In my home state of Colorado, the Sand Creek Massacre is a black mark on Colorado's past. Anyone can read all the gory details, but at the time their actions were cheered on by many Coloradoans.

    The Sand Creek Massacre: An extract on our history...

    "The colonel was as thourough as he was heartless. An interpreter living in the village testified, "THEY WERE SCALPED, THEIR BRAINS KNOCKED OUT; THE MEN USED THEIR KNIVES, RIPPED OPEN WOMEN, CLUBBED LITTLE CHILDREN, KNOCKED THEM IN THE HEAD WITH THEIR RIFLE BUTTS, BEAT THEIR BRAINS OUT, MUTILATED THEIR BODIES IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD." By the end of the one-sided battle as many as 200 Indians, more than half women and children, had been killed and mutilated.

    "While the Sand Creek Massacre outraged easterners, it seemed to please many people in Colorado Territory. Chivington later appeared on a Denver stage where he regaled delighted audiences with his war stories and displayed 100 Indian scalps, including the pubic hairs of women."


    We're exceptional all right...

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    Is it politically incorrect to be associated with Putin as admiring your abilities as a candidate for the Presidency. Putin is identified enjoying Trump as a person he would like to associate with. So, politically incorrect or not, I believe Trump has been identified to be Putin's favorite. We all know Putin would not like to negotiate or be among delegates where Hillary is representing America. I saw a picture of Kerry stooping down to greet Putin (a short man) and Putin having to look up at the taller Kerry. There's a little intimidation factor there where the two met.

    So as Trump and his dominion of 40% of the republican base now identified in polls as being uneducated with no college and shown as the Neanderthal group (read today's Politico Magazine), does that mean Putin is of that category?. I'm sure Putin has many letters of college study, but I'm not sure.

    Trump sure has appeal with an angry, red-neck, illiterate, booze-frenzy crowd. I realize our government need change, but this is beyond ridiculous of the Trump-a-phone antics as displayed in the public forum. Statement being said by Trump border on the insane to not doing his homework on the subject. As his cruel talk and euphemisms take center stage to roaring receiving public, are we seeing an emerging apocalypse of roving zombies?

    I think Putin has it right. Because if America votes for this trash Trump, Putin will definitely enjoy talking with him. Putin is thinking to himself, "Oh, please make my day".