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Cyber Warfare coming one day

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    This mornings read captured my attention on Politico - The Agenda where an article on "America's Secret Arsenal". I have always imagined that our authorities, which includes the military, have been developing ways to defend or attack other nations that have an agenda to destroy America's interests. So, here is some editorial evidence of that happening and appears ready for when the United States launches the attack. Snowden dominions, North Korea, Russia, and even those the little island nuisances that get into our computer systems better get ready for the Cyber Warfare Command is ready to attack.

    So, how do we rate the causalities in social harm? There could be a disaster to infrastructure, such as banking, utilities, and internal businesses of any Nation where attacked. The Politico article recognize that this Cyber Warfare will not be two or three hours, but could be much longer. How much longer, days, weeks, or months? The article indicated that this new warfare will cripple a nation when launched. So, how do we identify the victims and the innocent citizens of a Nation under this attack? It's not guns, bullets, missiles, bombs, chemicals, biological agents, lasers, ships, planes tanks, or boots-on-the-ground.

    This new Cyber Warfare Command was identified in Politico being located at an military base in Georgia. Apparently, our government is on-board, even the President. So, how does this launch and what indicators make the decision to use this Cyber Warfare. Can we call it deadly? Will hundreds or thousands perish? I'd like to send Cyber Warfare to all those advertisements that launch on my computer and phone..........that's the benefit I would enjoy.

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    Politico: Cyber warfare: Capitol staffers aren't ready

    I read your referenced article. Yes it is a concern, but for all those Congressional staffers who are condemning Hillary Clinton for her private server, perhaps they should take a look in their own backyard...the lax security of their staffers.

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    When the keyboards start flying and things that go bump in the Dark Web, it's way too complicated for me. I just want to beat my drum and play all day. I am sure that there are much worthy servants of the Internet and the Web than most of us, but this Cyber Command Force seem like Star Wars............may the force be with them. I'll watch from a distance and if the computer fails to work some day, I'll realize that these forces are at work. Then I can beat my drum and play all day. Woohoo!