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The Tide May Finally Be Turning on Gun Control

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    Dutch Wrote: No Jared that definition is not what I mean; you should know better. People who have been in a mental institute or if such is proven in a court case seldom visit a gun show or if any interest in them; their brains barely can process the simplest of things.

    But that's not we're talking about. I fully agree with you that we need far more stringent gun laws in this country, but the President can only do so much by himself. What he can do is force medical professionals to directly report their diagnoses of mental illness to the Federal background check system.

    What he can't do is end the gun show loophole without Congressional approval. Don't get mad at President Obama; get mad at the Republican Congress.

    Dutch Wrote: I'm talking about the millions of people who are on drugs or prescription drugs like Prozac or other mental pills etc. or have lapses of insanity. They don't get reported under what you wrote as definition. So I'm not worried about the one's in institutions or under regular control, but more worried about all the other weirdo's here.

    It's not my definition; it's the Federal governments definition. We are a country of laws and that is the law.

    I'm 100 percent with you when it comes to reigning in this crazy gun culture in America. We have a serious problem and it has to be resolved. But I also understand how local, state, and the Federal government operates. I also understand that the President is not a king. His powers are held in check by the Congress and Courts.

    Dutch Wrote:Then we come to the next question: If any such "nutty" person has a gun collection, do you really think someone will take that away? My guess is the whole NRA will scream.

    If there is a warrant to take their guns away then yes. They may kill a bunch of people in the process, but that's what we have police for.