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Deregulation encourages abuse.

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    Power of the people to power of the few. Deregulation is supposedly removing restrictive rules in the favor of progress. But it does not remove rules, it simply changes the administration of rules. Regulation results as a function of abuse. Regulations evolve as a reaction to abuse. Deregulation is a backward step toward abuse.
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    Chet; you could spent ages on this subject; In countries were I lived or worked, laws were strict and clear most of the time. Down here because of our extensive lawyer culture they are only masses of "words" (even new invented words) to make it as un-clear as possible, in order to employ the next lawyer to add his thing etc. That is how you get 6000 pages often; just for one law. I used to do contract work so I know all about lawyers here. At $ 350.- per hour plus it is lucrative; so I missed my chance to become one.