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Cops in Chicago Caught Deleting Video of Officer Murdering Teenager

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    A Burger King surveillance video directly contradicts the police and State's Attorney's claims that missing footage from the night Laquan McDonald was killed was due to mechanical error. The video shows police standing in front of the computer console that recorded the fatal shooting and "poof" 86 minutes of that night, 86 minutes that happened to record the entire shooting, vanished.

    The 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke went largely unnoticed, but that has changed since Van Dyke was charged with first degree murder. The only, and I repeat ONLY, reason Van Dyke was charged is because a judge ordered the video of his murder to be released to the public. And surprise, surprise...State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez just so happened to file charges against him hours before the video was forced to be released.

    Alvarez is well known for protecting cops who murder unarmed citizens in Chicago and doing whatever she can to make sure they never see the inside of a jail cell. The reason she charged Van Dyke is likely two fold--the release of the video and her March primary for reelection. She knows that she's in trouble and I believe that is the only reason she decided to file murder charges against Van Dyke.