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A brain surgeon visits Jordan

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    Wow, Carson who has no clue on how the rest of the world lives outside of a hospital and his church; he spent some of his "hard earned" money to visit the refugee camps in Jordan. Once there, he made the following stupid statement; Just sent "money" to the camps; they don't want to come to the US. Furthermore they are happy in the camps and even have playgrounds for the kids. They just want, when everything is over, to return to their home country. I guess he forgets there will be no home country after all the bombing ; only ruins and I don't think these people want to stay forever in a tent and live on hand outs. This guy is so terrible naïve, it is pathetic. How he ever operated on a patient, I don't know; probably Jesus helped him.

    Anyway; I guess he has not learned a thing; I suggest for him to leave his mansion and live in between these refugees for at least a year, without his Jesus picture and money; maybe then he understands what the life of a refugee is all about.