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Do It For Your Dead President ! - The 1964 Civil Rights Act (3 parts)

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    Hi All,

    The link below is a paper I wrote about 5 years ago on the legislative history of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    I'm re-posting today in honor of the slain President Kennedy, whose death was a catalyst for its passage.

    President Kennedy was willing to lose re-election fighting for Civil Rights. Bullets made him a martyr that President Johnson turned into a battering ram for Civil Rights. President Johnson didn't say the words "do it for your dead president," but that is exactly what he meant upon taking office and addressing Congress and a stunned nation.

    The paper is multimedia in that it also includes links to videos of speeches centered around events discussed in the paper.

    Hopefully this material will further your understanding and might reach some younger minds.

    Thank you!

    Links below.

    Part one:


    Part two:

    Part three: