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Compare your State's Integrity

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    I recently surveyed a report from Public Integrity web site, which is a Pulitzer Winning journalism site. The study ranks each state as to their integrity, but follow closely the creation of this data. Run your muse inquiry over each colored marker of the state in question and see the category that pops up. The creator of the web site article is very much skilled in providing information for everybody.

    I am not surprised, but wonder if all the D's and F's tells us something about our American State Governments. This should not give anybody an impression the our Federal Government is no different. Our politics is very sad and this web article shows American Government has no INTEGRITY. Are you surprised?

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    I might add the full article from and the report by Market Reporter Shawn Langlois, "Your state may be more corrupt than you thought".

    good reporting!

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    When only 3 states out of 50 (Alaska, Connecticut, and California) get marks other than D or F, I get suspicious of the results.

    I found another website that goes into more detail, and is probably more relevant.

    Per capita, Louisiana is the more corrupt state, a situation that likely hasn't changed much since the demise of Huey Long 80 years ago.

    In terms of the absolute number of pubic officials convicted, California is ranked 2nd worst, in spite of the "C" rating in the poll that you posted.

    If you look at the Public Integrity website from last year, you'll notice that there are some marked differences from the results that they got this year:

    The conclusion that I would draw from this exercise is that public opinion polls are useful, but always take them with a grain of salt.

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    I did question reading all those D's and F's. However, reading your findings sort of places a little more reality to the ratings. We still do not know who the examiners are and what there truth in reporting is. Since two of our web listings are from the same Center for Public Integrity, I continue to question who's right? I was very surprised to see the numbers on convictions of public officials. Our politics are dismal.