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Ohio voting to end gerrymandering

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    While much of the focus has been on Ohio voting to legalize marijuana sales, Ohio voters are also voting on a potentially much bigger issue (as per The Nation) that has caught little media attention:

    Ohio Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment to ban partisan gerrymandering and establish a bipartisan Ohio Redistricting Commission to draw legislative district lines, is being pitched as a good-government reform. But that undersells its significance. This is a bold response to America’s broken political processes.

    This could have a major impact on Ohio's representation in the House of Representatives, which is now heavily skewed in the Republican's favor because of the gerrymandering that took place after the 2010 election.

    As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

    Go Ohio!

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    I surely hope Ohio votes in favor of this initiative. The gerrymandering process is broken beyond repair and allowing partisan politicians the right to draw their own district lines has given us the Federal government we have today.

    A nonpartisan gerrymandering commission would be good for Ohio and the rest of the states.