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Debt ceiling/ Government budget etc.

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    Not that I saw the exact proposal or outcome ( Schmidt probably knows that exactly) that Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling again etc. But the thing what struck me as ridiculous was another added budget for the Pentagon of at least 8o billion besides all the secret budgets they have.

    This shows again who is running this country; we are starting to look like N. Korea. On top of this Obama has sent a destroyer to irritate the Chinese because they created some artificial islands in the South China sea. Since we think we own the world and have stolen plenty of islands from the Japanese we can't let others have little own created islands, just like nukes; we determine who can have those. We don't own the sea; even if we think so!!

    Sorry but Obama is totally run as a robot by the Pentagon; I fear if a GOP candidate becomes President then of course it gets even worse. We are the cause of the "weapons" marathon in the world ask China, Russia. There is no money for Veterans, Social Security, Pot holes or bridges or high speed rail, but plenty for junk to kill or play with or irritate the rest of the world. Sorry Obama or anyone else is just a puppet for the 999 generals and CIA, NSA etc. Keep it up America; you will end up like the Roman Empire.