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Paul Ryan outlines demands to the Freedom Caucus

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    One of the members of the Freedom Caucus is Paul Gosar. He was my congressman when I moved to Flagstaff, but he moved to Prescott shortly afterwords because Prescott is THE most conservative district in the state, whereas Flagstaff is more evenly blanced

    For some reason, I still get his newsletters, and I'm staying on his list just so I can keep track of how nutty the guy is.

    Here's today's letter:

    "On July 21st, the House passed the annual National Defense Authorization Act. This bill sets the policies for our national defense to protect our homeland against attacks and support the troops. Unfortunately, House Democrats muddied the waters with politically charged and irrelevant policies, such as red flag gun laws, burdensome green initiatives, immigration loopholes for the Chinese Communist Party, and undermining the President’s authority to defend our border and communities from criminals. Congress passed one of my key amendments that compels the Department of Defense to end our reliance on China for rare earth minerals. This law is important in ensuring our military is self-sufficient and not reliant on materials from hostile nations. I ultimately voted no on the entire package due to its attacks on the Constitution, and weakness in defending against China. President Trump's administration also issued a Statement of Administrative Policy reiterating similar concerns. I do support the eventual passage of a National Defense bill, however, I will only do so once these irresponsible policies are stripped.

    Congress is Trying To Expand A Visa Loophole Allowing Chinese Communist Party Members to Obtain U.S. Citizenship - The National Pulse

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    If you talk to wackos like that long enough the will reveal even more absurd conspiracy theories that they are beyond certain are real such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton the real puppet masters behind Joe Biden who is actually a life-like android robot create by the CIA. The real life Joe Biden died on Oct 12th, 2012 of a heart attack in the Oval office. Hillary Clinton was in the room at the time. Within hours President Obama covered it up by replacing the dead Joe Biden with a humanoid robot. This is why HC ran for President in 2016, not Joe Bidden. Now Obama wants to take control of US through the fake Joe Bidden.

    If you don't believe it, just ask Donald Trump, he knows all about what really happened.