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Trump may win by being super smart and confident.

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    Trump commented that 911 happened while Bush was president. My first reaction was that was a senseless remark. But then I started to think why would such an accomplished guy say stupid things. Trump is a billionaire who gets things done. His thinking is that if he was president 911 probably wouldn't have happened because first he would have kept the terrorist out and second he would have presented such a powerful presidency that terrorist would have been afraid to have attacked. His thinking is he would have been so on top of everything that it would have known of the threat and prevented it. Then he would have been sending signals that he is so dangerous that nothing would prevent destruction of terrorist , their family and friends. Trump is going to emerge as the no nonsense no excuse no mercy guy that gets his way. His first wave of rhetoric has gathered support from the right wing extremist. People that believe in their own rights and make up their own mind without regard the rights of others. As the reality of his rhetoric breaks through that he is a get it done without any excuses he is going to get more support. Right or wrong think about his message that 911 would not have happened if he was president. If he plays on that and if his team starts to define his previous and any new mean senseless answers as coming from a guy that demands and gets results and turns that into success then he will be unbeatable. Remember that the things that he says that are not politically correct are just that. He calls it as he sees it so that his ultimate decisions are not clouded with politically correct but maybe not 100% true information. On Benghazi alone he will destroy Hillary. He will say there is no excuse for placing people in probably one of the most dangerous places in the world without adequate protection. Trump is say it as he sees it without any excuses. If that gets understood he will be unbeatable and probably the worst president for the US and the world. He doesn't accept failure so consequently he won't have a plan to respond to failure. For instance he is talking about getting jobs back instead of creating new jobs. The people that suffer losing those jobs will not do it gracefully.

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