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Deadly Dastardly Dangerous Doomsdsy Derivatives

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    There is now 1.2 quadrillion dollars tied up in derivatives. This translates into $200,000 cost and rising of college education. This translates into no wage increase in 30 years. This translates into worldwide turmoil , hate and discontent . This translates into 85 people owning 1.2 trillion dollars . This translates into those 85 people probably owning the world after the next crash in 16 or 17. This translates into the results of deregulation. There has never been something so wrong in such an educated and developed society. The USA has been the policeman for the world for sometime. Why has the USA let such a savage deprivation of wealth happen. Once the most respected idolized country we are nowhere near the top. Why are we tolerating $200,000 for a college education. Why has the USA let so much money from workers be given back. Lied to about Social Security in order to get workers to put more of their money into private retirement plans that put that money at risk in the stock market. Why do we accept the lie that the stock market builds USA businesses. There is more money at risk now inflating the derivative bubble that caused the 2008 crash. Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and it gets believed. :"you can't lose if you just leave your money in the stock market" It can all be changed back by reversing the trend that put us in the hands of the traders. Nobody has to lose any money to make the world better, they just have to invest in a traditional stock market that funds businesses.

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    Chet, yes it is all rigged; especially with high speed trading, hedge funds, short sellers, option trades, as well all the tricks in the book to rip you of. Talking of about 20 years ago if you then invested you had the idea if a company was doing well then the stocks would do well. However nowadays the analysts are "owned" by the "pushers" cheaters and hedge funds. So you can't trust any statement which they make. They can ruin a good company overnight.