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Supply and demand.

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    The conservative economist revel at the magic of supply and demand. Conservatives find faith and hope in the competitive market. Conservatives live by efficiency. Do conservatives see the inefficiency of supply / demand , and competitive market. In both cases there are duplicated producers one of which will be bankrupted out of business. Not in all cases for sure but you still have the duplications wasting time and money. Then what you have most often is a winner determined by poor people trying to get the most for their dollar . The successful product is ultimately determined by price and not quality in a lot of cases. People trying to get enough money to feed kids don't make objective decisions. It is made in China that wins. The poor who are betrayed by what little taxes they have to pay are ripped off again. They don't get what they pay their taxes for. Instead of quality products guided into the USA they get illegal drug protection. The US customs service has morphed into a drug enforcement agency. Instead of keeping junk out of our country they are sidetracked. So supply and demand is thwarted by the Customs Service. They let poor quality products enter our country to be scooped up by people of limited means.