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    "I think taxes should hurt," said California's Governor Ronald Reagan in 1966. What was hurting the Governor last week was not taxes, but the disclosure that he had not paid any state tax at all for 1970. When reporters first asked him about it, Reagan said that he could not remember his tax form. But the press obviously had been tipped off, and Reagan's office conceded that he had paid no 1970 state tax on his $44,100 salary (now $49,100). "Business reverses" were the reason, said Reagan. Asked about his federal taxes, Reagan said...


    Do as I say and not as I do. Then he became the poster child for cutting taxes. A president's first years are the hangover from the previous administration. Trickle down reaganomicis took credit for already in place settings for the economy. The GOP has been running on that for 40 years. In spite of the fact that every tax cut is followed by a recession the Right keeps on serving the same fallacy.