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Because Americans won't do those jobs.

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    it is a shame that somebody can slur American workers for supposedly refusing to do certain jobs. In the first place the word job shouldn't be synonymous with living wage. The immigrants that take those jobs do not have a life. I have seen and see daily the camps that people live in that work so cheaply. The slur about working should be aimed at the top 1% who tie up and stagnate money that could be used for factories. That people could shame workers for something that they have no control over is a victory for the top 1% . The top 1% is immune from criticism about how they prevent money from making jobs by hoarding money to finance speculative trading. The shame for jobs that require people to live in tents and travel trailers and tarp sheds is not for people that can't take those jobs but the shame should be for the people that cause that type of job to appear. It is not that people won't work it is that there are no jobs that support a living for them. Speculative trading should be taxed at a super rate. The Right wing is popular with telling people that they should get more education and training to make more money. There are no new jobs so better qualified would simply be replacing existing workers.