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ABC Sinks to New Low by Bringing Paula Deen on to Dancing With the Stars

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    Forgive me for expressing my rage so bluntly, but why in the hell did ABC decide to bring on celebrity racist Paula Deen as one of it's "stars" in the new season of Dancing With the Stars? We all know that sex sells in this industry, but there are lines that major television networks shouldn't cross and ABC crossed it by bringing Deen on to the show.

    There are few things that illicit as strong of a negative emotion from me as a racist being given a national platform in a not so veiled attempt to turn her image around. American's have notoriously short memories, but I sure hope that they are reminded of who the real Paul Deen is when they glue their eyes to their television set and listen to her speak softly in her deep southern tone and try to convince everyone that she is just a regular 'god fearing' lady who loves everyone.

    Paula Deen doesn't deserve to have a platform on a local public access channel, let alone a TV show that millions of American's watch each week. There are certain things I have an extremely hard time forgiving and calling black American's the racial slur of all racial slurs is one of them. I hope she is voted off the show on the first week, but the pessimist in me knows that ABC will keep her on for as long as possible because nothing sells more than a scandal.

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    I watched some of her talking and her reactions. I generally say I dislike nobody. I don't like her. She is gross, self absorbed and claims victimized. The worst is her gross personality. Alluding to crapping her pants and the tone of her conversation reminds me of coal mining town drunks in the town where I grew up. She is totally capable of fluent racist conversation. The short glimpse of her displayed a puzzle why she was ever popular.
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    My wife conned me into eating at her restaurant in Jacksonville, FL a few years back (before I had ever heard of her). It was quite an experience - long lines outside at lunchtime trying to make reservations for dinner! It was quite an experience. We were shuttled up to the third floor in a elevator with a carload of smelly, overweight, Christian Southerners and presented with enough greasy fried chicken and mashed potoes to feed a convention hall full of Southern Baptist rollers!

    All the whle place sucked just like the owner!

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    You could have redneck genes somewhere down in your past.......was the chicken good? some say that greasy chicken is the best chcken. Now, now....PR

    Be nice to the good hospitable southern folk