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Trump exaggerating .

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    Trump says with him we will be winning so much we'll get tired of winning. Who is he winning for if he intends to keep the lowest wage earners the lowest wage earners. You have to give him the benefit of the doubt because he has accomplished well so far. But now his colors are starting to shine through because of his winning remarks. The same people that are doing well will keep on doing well. He has been a single payer proponent and he wants to fix Obama Cars that might be interesting. But I can see him more of a voucher type person which is no help for low incomes The big question might be the answer. He has to divest or disinterest himself from his businesses if elected. How would that be possible both as far as his executive duties and his financial interests. So is he not that important for his business or would he be misleading. And if he can walk away from a billion dollar business how devoted could he be to the country. It might be that winning is his only goal and he is just campaigning to win the election with no plan to really change or do anything. I can't see him getting any support from either side in Congress. Democrats won't want to support a Republican that would do anything really good and the Republicans don't think he is a Republican.